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Why do you "need to know....."....? you work at a medical facility....if you can believe your email address... or should we believe the @ one instead....(more likely.... 8-) )
It's not something you're going to learn over night... It's an acquired skill that takes many years to master.... and every lock is different , and what works on one won't necessarily work on another....
It's knowledge that can get you into trouble real quick.....
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Galaxy Master
Try "The complete book of locksmithing". Very informative. It should only take a few weeks to get good at very simple locks. Most amateurs spend several hours every day for weeks learning the basics. Many (if not most) give up after a few days.
I've heard that if you don't practice a few hours a week that you'll lose the feel. I can consistantly pick some locks in a few minutes, and others in a few hours.
Make sure you learn if it's OK to pick locks in your local. In some areas local, state or national laws make it a crime. In others, it's OK as long as you own the lock. In all cases, be aware that police may find posession of picks a good reason to interrogate or arrest you. My picks stay at home.
Good luck.
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online info, google search / key word "lockpicking"
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