Sticky lockset bolt

Door to the garage suddenly stopped closing with just a push. The bolt is sticking against the strike and the knob has to be turned to retract the bolt before the door can be closed. (Schlage F lockset.) Does something need lubrication, or is it time for a new lockset? A little grease on the beveled edge of the bolt didn't help.

I've been meaning to change all the F locksets in the house when my pin money comes back up to snuff, but a few unexpected expenses have tightened the budget (and my own limited knowledge doesn't suggest replacement will fix it anyway).

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Can you push the latch in with your finger? If so it probably just need lubrication. Put a very little bit of white lithium grease on the latch and try it.

If you can't push the latch in with your finger, the latch is bad and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, if you can even FIND a latch available separately, you'll probably pay almost as much for it as a whole new lockset.

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Bob DeWeese, CML, CJS

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