You know what I like about this business?

If you're good at it, treat people like you like to be treated, and conduct
business responsibly, you'll do well in the locksmith business.
You don't have to gouge people, and you don't have to give your work away
for next to nothing. Ironically, those are two of the fastest ways to put
yourself out of business.
If you stick it to a customer, you'll probably never hear from them again.
OTOH, if you cut your fellow locksmiths' throat on pricing you'll get all
the bottom feeding, haggle-ya-down, PITA customers you can handle. (Not all
repeat business is _good_ repeat business)
Now... Are locksmiths expensive? The good ones are. If you're good, you
don't have to be cheap. If you're cheap, you don't have to be good.
If you simply charge what you're worth and know your craft, you'll never
have to rip off the customer to succeed. Never.
Just some thoughts,
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Bob DeWeese, CML
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you are right. But this is what I have found in the 30 years I have been a locksmith: The averge customers knows little about locks and even less about who the good locksmiths are. When they do need a locksmith they have very little to go by so what do they do? Revert to the only thing they understand - price. I believe the majority will go with the least expensive locksmith. As time goes by the bad locksmiths who are usually the cheapest force out the good ones (not always of course) because the better locksmith have a difficult time always justifiying their higher prices. Then the better locksmiths may give up and try something else where they are better appreciated and where if they work hard ans smart can make a better living not having to compete with the low balling locksmiths. This has been my experience. Best of luck to you.
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I second that-Oh yeah-Email me bobby.
Later, goma
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