I make good money in Locksmithing.

Yea I took the Foley Belsaw course 8 years ago and I learned how to smoke a key which wasn't as useful as learning to get the bong up and running. Anyway, I made over $1390 this Friday night alone. For you old timers that's two thousand dollars.

The trick is to live and do business in a resort town and hammer the tourists for all they are worth. Some examples:

  1. Lady with a "stuck key that would not turn". Problem was her steering wheel was turned all the way left against the curb. Wiggling wheel and jiggling key would easily fix. However, I sold her a complete steering column upgrade for 5.00 including tow... She tipped me .00 for being honest... I'm still laughing.

  1. Lockout at 2am at the local pub.. Drunk SOB has locked his keys in the car. This idiot was so stupid, he didn't even realize the back doors were both unlocked. Tow, open "high security" door...0.00.

  2. Car would start because key would not turn. Another drunk tourist. This idiot has to go down in the record books as being the dumbest customer on file. He was using the wrong key. Tow, new key and replace ignition lock.......5.00

There is money to be made in locksmithing. foamy

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"foamy" snipped-for-privacy@woil1093.com trolled in message

---snip the troll---

don't believe this jerk folks ! its trolls like this that give this profession a bad name.

plonk !

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There _is_ good money to be made in locksmithing. I've been doing it for almost 25 years and have never had to rip anybody off to do it.

Unfortunately there are dishonest individuals in this industry (just like any other) but fortunately they are few and far between. All the more reason for consumers to shop around. Get prices *first*. If the price is too high keep looking. If the price is too low keep looking (there's a reason).

In this business, if you're good you don't have to be cheap, and if you're cheap you don't have to be good. However, you don't need to rip people off to make a decent living and support a family either.

The original poster is not a locksmith and shows up here every couple of months trying to show "locksmiths" in a bad light. Mark my words... he'll be back in a day or two, posting under another name agreeing with himself.

Fortunately most people see right through it, but just in case, I thought I'd chime in to set the record straight. Most locksmiths are extremely honest individuals. I'm mean, think about it, if we weren't, do you think a lot of us would waste time running calls. I often joke with customers... "If I were dishonest, this town would never be the same".

Yes, the truth is, there is the rare case of a locksmith who operates like the troll talks about, but he ain't one of'em. He's just a troll. (And a sad excuse for one, at that.)


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Bob DeWeese, CML

Yeah I bet that makes em all feel real good about you.

LMAO and yet you still responded to him.

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