Gun safe handle has some "play"

I have found a nice safe at a local sporting goods store.
It's 50% off becasue it has scratches on the back and one side, which does
not bother me.
However, the handle to open the safe is loose and has lots of play compraed
to a new safe. It's been a floor model for a year, and just got loose over
Is this something that can be fixed? I save about $900 on the cost, but I
want to make sure the loose handle is fixable. It;s a Browning Medalion if
that matters.
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Bill Muirhead
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side, which does
of play compraed
just got loose over
the cost, but I
Browning Medalion if
sure it is fixable. contact your local locksmith that offers safe work. you want to get this repaired before you get locked out of the safe. (will save you a high dollar lockout fee plus repair)
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