Locksmithing Schools?

Are there any good locksmithing schools that anyone here would recommend? Other than convincing a locksmith to take you on as an appapprentice are there any good ways to learn the trade on your own? Can locksmithing be learned from books or videos on your own?

A lot of small towns need a locksmith and I'd like to learn the trade and fill the viod.

Any and all suggestons would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Mitch Leary
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Sea Isle Vo-Tech in Memphis, TN used to have a two semester locksmithing course. First semester was basics and second was automotive. I took both semesters back around 1986. Very good instructor, Jack Foster, but I doubt he is still there. You might try some local (to you) Vo-Tech schools. Hope this helps.

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on your own?


learn the trade

good place to start would be the FAQ.

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Foley-Belsaw out of Kansas City Missouri. They want like $989.00 but if you call them and ask for there BOTTOM LINE Cash up front price upfront, It comes down to around $590.00 PLUS you do STILL get there Starter key machine, Starter set of picks, Locks, Misc Tools that come with the course. PLUS you get 3 Courses not just 1.

Then they offer your Bonding (SMALL) but it is a start at least for $45.00 which includes a year Subscription to National Locksmith magizine. Then you can get with all these POSIITIVE people here at this newsgroup who will support you after they have seen you for awhile :) Do make sure you join the ALOA for more ideas and help.

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Clifford Short

No, you get one course packaged as 3. Not that it matters either way except for marketing purposes.

See past discussion of what bonding is and isn't.

See past discussion. Common estimate is that it takes a population of

30,000 per locksmith to support a general locksmithing business; that's strictly guesstimate but it does suggest that some "small towns" don't have their own locksmiths because it takes three towns that size to keep the guy in business.
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