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Went to a Locksmith suppliers 'industry' roadshow / workshop this week. I could not believe the array of new fangled electronic machines & associated electronic & computerized tools. A multitude of transponder readers, computer engravers, code machines, electronic access control lock systems that could do everything but make coffee. The price for the cheapest code machine was more than what my van is worth, and I have a very nice van !. When one of the salesmen asked what sort of lock work I do, he quickly disappeared. Not interested in the average Locksmith that does the ordinary every day bread & butter type of locksmithing.

I was interested in purchasing a HPC 1200 Blitz machine. The special 'show price' was $5869.00, NO cutters, NO cards. I was informed that I could buy optional cutters, and buy the card making program for another $575.00. Then to print out the cards I would need to buy a good quality Laser printer, $$????. O.K. times are changing, but honestly, how many of you guys out there are making enough dollars out of transponder work to justify the cost of associated machinery / tools, or for that matter, justifying the purchase of a $25,000.00 electronic key machine / engraver ?. Most of the access control stuff looked like it belonged on the star ship Enterprise. The price, "ya don't want to know", ...... & I bet most customers wouldn't want to know either !!. I noted all the young Locksmiths buzzing around the expensive hi-tech stuff, and if they actually purchased some of these machines, they would have the arse out of their pants for quite a while before it pays for it's self, or worse, becomes obsolete 'before' it pays for it's self. ?? Maybe I'm just an old fart that's set in his ways. Do I look worried, .... :o)

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Steve Paris
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Not gonna get my money on that gadget. I've got an old Framon, and not changing. I'm not in business to mortgage my kids to pay for thier machine.

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Stormin Mormon

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don't believe he is talking US dollars.

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the local Ford dealer programs transponders for $35 plus keys.. gonna take a LONG TIME to pay off a $7,000 machine, plus updates that are required atthat price..

the cost of their programmer? its a Palm Pilot.. mounted on a slightly bigger interface box.. its DIRT cheap.. a grand or so..

the kicker? Ford corporate requires updates FREQUENTLY.. the cost of that update capability? I asked.. $1,000 PER MONTH..

so they are getting screwed as well..

and no i dont have any of those fancy electronic gagets, and have in the last 5 years, turned down 4 transponder vehicles that had 'lost keys'.

heck the 2 CHRYSLER dealers near me wont even do transponder keys.. they refer out to one shop..


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informed that I could buy optional cutters, and buy the card making program for another $575.00.

even so he is still getting screwed royal. The exchange rate is about $.75US = $1.00AU.

Postage is not that much.

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Roger Shoaf

I'm with you Shiva. If the car manufacturers insist on using, and continually changing auto lock systems, then let them worry about supplying their customers with keys. Hell, I get abused for charging $8.00 for a standard auto key copy, let alone trying to get $40 - $60 for a transponder key. And yes, Roger is right, even with the Aussie dollar conversion, the price of tools & machinery here is just "B.S." .!

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Steve Paris

agree "he is still getting screwed". I was just clarifying that he wasn't in the US.

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LSC - who would have been running the show, are a very long way from cheap. For any major purchase like that I would never buy from the local agent, shop around in the US, and even with the shipping & import duty you will still save thousands.



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I had many new and used car dealerships in the South Jersey area for almost 10 years. All on a hand shake. The year

2000 had come and I had to make some serious choices. Progress forward, not do transponder work, or completely give up car work. I chose giving up car work. I substituted car work with something else, so for me it was a good choice. I had a really hard time dropping 10K plus on tools. That didn't count any down the road updates.

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