Continuous production of structured composite panels


I am trying to find a way to continuously or at least "semi-continuously" produce really large composite panels (glass fiber/epoxy).

The problem is that these panels are not just profiles, but have a relatively complex geometrical structure to achieve certain mechanical properties. Thus, pultrusion is not an option. Another problem is that a given laminate lay-up is required. Typical processes for production of large parts (e.g. fiber spraying with short fibers) cannot be applied. Finally, the parts are too large for injection processes or autoclave processes.

I already tried searching on Google, but could only find production of large profiles by pultrusion (or related processes).

Any help would be appreciated


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Andreas Endruweit
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Have you looked for "Filon"? It's only for lengthwise profiles, but could be adapted to intermittent pressing for three-dimensional profiles.

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Terry Harper

This is a difficult question! I can't offer a detailed process, but I would be thinking about first producing a dry glass preform to place the glass reinforcement where you need it. If you needed a lot of these it might be done by an automated textile process.

For molding you might consider a shell mold with a vacuum bag for compression.


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