effect of strain rate on cleavage fracture

please describe for me the mecanisem of effect of strain rate on
brittle fracture?assume that every situation are fixed just strain
rate is variable.
thanks for your attention
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mahmood shaikhattar
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Mahmood, you should be ashamed. You have asked essentially the same question twice to the same people. I hope nobody has told your mother.
If you did not like our intial answer then at least give us the courtesy of making your question more explicit, hence more answerable.
You have asked us the equivalent of "how many angels can sit on the end of a pin?"; but you have not told us the size of the pin!
What strain rates are you interested in? 1E-6/sec, 1E+6/sec, 1E+27/sec? Are you asking about metals, ceramics, polymers, liquids, or what?
Is this a nuclear explosion or the flow of a mountain over millenia?
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dave martin
Mahmood, here's your answer:
V(strain) --> ((delta L / L) ^(-1) * ln (pi/2)) (dU/dx)
assume (delta L) = 1.0E-16 (based on your parameters supplied)
Plug into your calculator for your answer.
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Gung Ho

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