Ferrite powder / granules

I am not a materials expert but I do wish to try experimenting with
electromagnets. I understand soft ferrite powder / granules would
probably satisfy my requirements but I am having a problem locating
the material in small quanities. Would anyone be able to help me
locate a few pounds?
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go through your kid's sandbox with a magnet - presto!
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William Robert
what do you want to do with the ferrite? Can't you just use iron? as a core material it performs very well, you could build a 2 Tesla magnet with it... if you use DC magnets you can just take any solid iron or steel piece. Pure iron (armco) is best.
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Andreas Rutz
"X-No-archive: yes" I want to construct an electromagnet with materials that can easily be magnetized and demagnetized completely. I have used iron rods and iron laminated plates but both are still slightly magnetic when the current is turned off. My goal is to have no magnetic pull at all when "off". I believe soft ferrite powder/granules will work.
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