HY C Company mineral board for fire protector

This company makes mineral boards covered with sheet metal for floor and
wall protectors of wood burning stoves. No mention as to whether there
is asbestos in the mineral board contents.
Anyone know. And I would think that every company dealing with products
that of the "past" had asbestos content would be required by law to
state "no asbestos".
Also, I have some other boards layed down in the past near a wood stove.
They are mineral boards also. So I am wondering if asbestos was a usual
additive in the past for mineral boards?
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This is a company in St. Louis that makes woodstove floor and wall shield protectors. Sheet metal outside and a mineral board inside.
What I find frustrating and all consumers should find frustrating is the contents of the mineral board. Does it or does it not have asbestos.
In our modern world, we should label all products that are asbestos likely as to "NO asbestos" if that is the case. There should be no assuming or guessing on the part of the consumer. There should be no burden to the consumer as to have tests done on a product already bought as to whether "they put asbestos into it".
The HY C Company of St. Louis should answer this post as to whether they put asbestos into their products. And they should label all future products as to "NO asbestos" if that is the case. By the way, I dislike the terminology of "asbestos free" for it is illogical. I know it means "no asbestos" but it is a play on words wherein it could mean the exact opposite in that it does contain alot of asbestos and the company is happy to not charge you. So the terminology of "----- free" should be dealt with by a government agency as deceptive terminology and that all items trying to convey the message of zero content of a specific material should use these sort of terminology:
"No asbestos"
"0% asbestos"
Another item which in the old days needed no labeling was asbestos-rope that was usually applied to the doors of stoves. Today many are fiberglass. Here again the consumer should not have to wonder whether it is asbestos or not and the store items should be labeled as to "no asbestos". And it is the case that many things in the hardware store that could and should need a content label simply have none at all. Some material content is obvious but others are highly questionable. For example, last spring I bought a vinyl shade covers for windows and was concerned about the contents.
So I believe that hardware should have content labelling for items that are questionable because there are many items that are questionable.
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Ran into another type of board made by USFG called "durawall". It says it is cement, gypsum. The label said 1980s (could not see the date clearly).
I wonder if it has asbestos content??
Anyone know if asbestos was used for mineral boards or durawall?
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Apparently this thread had an impact on the company for the local outlet of HY C floor and wall protectors were taken off the shelf. Perhaps the company can now supply the proper information as to whether there is or is not asbestos in their products.
Also, reading the label of Congoleum floor tiles it says that their product may or may not contain asbestos. I find such information to the consumer as pitiful in that it relies on consumers to have to debate the risk and for the consumer to have to go get it analyzed by a laboratory.
I believe the USA government should make a law and enforce it wherein the contents of all items whether food or hardware supply content information. In a world where there is mercury, lead, asbestos, arsenic in wood, etc etc, that the contents of hardware should be labeled.
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