LRC Foil Suit Buffer/Degausser for the Human Chromosphere

If the conducting part of cell DNA consists of differentiation in the immediate environment by induction by the external
microenvironment of prokaryotic cells, that exert their own effects which, mediated through or by the cytoplasm, result in varying levels of gene expression that are competent enough to respond to the inductive factors.
By being 'competent' it is meant that a cell can respond to any environmental influence by becoming different than the type it was before.
Unlike the competent cells, there are the 'committed' cells that we would wish to remain 'committed' at the same level of 'commitment' that the environmental influence has imposed upon them, so that the same environment can also become environmentally simulated as well as preserved for the length of the FTL mission. An example of the 'committed' cells is the outer part of the skin, which has 'committed' itself to the exposure of the environment.
On the other hand, the different kind of 'competent' cell is the embryonic skin tissue, that shows properties of being 'committed' wherever the tissue becomes transplanted, that is, it would develop as skin would normally develop in its transplanted location.
The levels of competence or committment of a cell in the microenvironment of the cytoplasm seems to be the important factor in turning genes on or off in the nucleus, so if this expression can be magnified 100000X during DNA superconduc- tivity, then the same kind of environmental background wave- length must be stretched to 100000X the phonon wavelength of that of thought waves themselves, or 5764.6047 THz, to which we can stretch this HF wave for a corresponding sub-harmonic.
We can choose this subharmonic to be near the frequency of maximum visibility for a POTENTIAL OBSERVER, using the number 5764.6047 to correspond to a particular wavelength (which is just in the yellow spectrum 5750 - 5850 A), for subsummation into harmonic resonance. This resonance we choose to become manifested into a similar, earthlike environmental background, but in this case the particular environment that we are using is to be one which allows us to radiate AWAY from the FTL occupant back into the environment that we are translating through.
The parallel worldline[2] that we are translating WITH is not the same worldline that we are traveling THROUGH. This would depend upon memory being autoresponsive (implicitly directed) or voluntarily recruited (explicitly directed). The "WITH" and "THROUGH" worldlines are mirror-images of each other - as long as there are no third party observations knowing the (1) position or (2) momentum of either worldline, both worldlines continue on their own without the other's knowledge.
This, IMO, is the only way that FTL translation can continue through this worldline - by erasing the memory of an FTL occupant having been in the FTL transit route. This is so because when the FTL traveler returns to the parallel world of the observer's worldline, the only evidence is that which he has brought along with him may be in the form of an artifact, or record of passage between distant locations.
Somehow, it is memory that seems to be affected here. The hippocampus is the part of the brain which is able to store memories of locales, by using both serotonin and dopamine for implicit and explicit memories, respectively, and by mediating these 'kinase A triggers' through the CREB (Cyclic Amp response element-binding protein).
All of these are conscious/explicit/dopamine and unconscious/ implicit/seratonin salient signal triggers that are programmed through the CREB in order to activate genes that lead to long term memory storage.
However, these pathways become erased during FTL translation, and must be recovered either by reprogramming the hippocampus to 'remember' the spatial map of the transiting environment 'post transit', or provide a record of passage in the form of an artifact, such as a ship's log or manifest.
Warp factors can be calculated by using base ten harmonic multiples of 300 divided by wavelength in meters. The resul- ting units are in MHz. Normally the harmonic selected would be subsumed by the pilot wave gravimetric, meaning that it would appear to the FTL occupant that the passing of time around the outside of the FTL vehicle in transit was slowing down or 'frozen'. On the other hand, an observer stationed external to the FTL vehicle would not be able to observe the motion of the FTL vehicle because of this worldline's per- ception of invisibility with a 'dark mass':
The amount that spacetime gets 'bent' or 'warped' depends upon an 'ionic mass' losing its QCD property, by shedding its 'color force', hence becoming the 'dark mass' as per- cieved from our PRESENT WORLDLINE.
IMO the only 'dark matter' in this case represents the BI-IV QCD Color Magnetic Force Field (10^-11cm - 10^-13cm) BEING STRIPPED OFF, with its phase-conjugated scalar (which can be detected via phase conjugated scalar wave detector) for the 'screening out of the QCD color force. Since the designated location of the human's color force is synonymous with the human 'chromosphere', and it is the chromatin that is responsible for the color force in humans (whose gene expression plays a role in ZPF degaussing), then whatever color force that needs to be screened out using LRC degaussing/sensor re-emission during hypertrans- lation also needs to become SCREENED IN upon return to its original worldline.
Radiation proof polymer fabric interwoven into an intelligent fabric system has the ability to screen out the harmful frequency range of color force. Intelligent fabric not only has the ability to protect, but can also become programmed to enhance the gene expression in terms of response time to conscious/explicit/dopamine and unconscious/implicit/seratonin salient signal triggers in a memory enhancing mechanism that can be worn for incoming hostile environmental sources as well as outgoing, programmed environmental response signals from the fabric itself.
Imagine a foil-like suit that is programmed to absorb a certain bandwidth of frequencies and then reflect a response signal back to the environment. There are radiation shield polymers that are absorbent that can be combined with a sensate type liner that is used to detect and systematically react to the incoming EMR with a resonant, phase conjugated dispersion source, e.g. in the yellow spectrum of 5750 - 5850 A. The EMR is thus eliminated and 'tagged' by visual inspection. The sensate liner simultan- eously programs the amplification of gene expression in the carbon-coated rhenium in response for DNA enhancement of the chromosphere. As previously mentioned, the screening occurs between 10^-11cm and 10^-13cm, and the amplification of gene expression would increase the current bandwidth of response for both dopamine and seratonin salient signal triggers, for longer-term memory potentiation in the hippocampus, as well as spatial memory - sort of like a 'memory suit' that if worn, causes one to instantly improve their depth of perception as well as spatial or picture memory skill. Not only could this memory suit enhance our perception of the environment, but could be used in conjunction with a memory helmet, in trig- gering the hippocampus to remember past experiences in terms of their mental imagery, no matter what worldline those events were promulgated[1] from, in addition to recording the process of imprinting the long term memory of the spatial environment being subsumed, w.r.t. the FTL-worldline that was being represented. (See Note)
Harmonious, vainly repeated R&D is no spearhead for space exploration.
- anonymous
'Promulgated' meant to mean the purposeful establishment of a worldline[2] which is parallelizable spacetime n-manifold M, which is always itself a parallelizable spacetime sub-manifold.
'Worldline' may be defined as any curve in spacetime, which is usually represented by establishing a spacetime manifold, such as a Minkowski spacetime M, which is (1) diffeomorphic with R^4, and (2) has an affine and metric structure w.r.t. Special Relativity.
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Vitamin C is said to enhance color sensation during REM sleep, so this may have something to do with preserving the color force memory, in terms of its being recalled at a later time.
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