Materials for high temperature permanent molding

I am working on design of mold, for gravity die (permanent mold) casting.
I know this technic is used for low temperature alloys but in my case the
pooring temp. is around of 1500 °C it is as Ni base super alloy.
I would like to use this mold at least 100 times or more.
What kind of material could be suitable for this application
I saw, some of them are using cast iron ?
I heard also some copper alloys could be suitable due to high thermal
One of them suggested me Tungsten alloys but i have no idea about the life
time, it cost high as material and as machining
What about the some steel grade ?
Any other material to suggest me ? Is ther any ceramic or composite
materials suitable for permanent molds
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No. Dr. K
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William Kaukler
Thanks for your answer
Is it possible that you give me only one of the important reason ?
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Check with the investment casting people. They use ceramic powders and add a variety of materials (sodium silicate, phosphate cement, zirconia acetate/ Mg(OH)2 etc...) to set it like cement. I doubt you'll get 100 casts and the design of the molds can be quite sophisticated - multiple layers for corrosion resistance, wetability and thermal conductivity. You might find a material that could meet some of your requirements. Gregg
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Thermal fatigue.
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Mike D2

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