Paradox of Connors & Berczik > Any technological forecasting ?

It is a bitter irony that a spineless coward Zoltan Berczik sort of pioneered the real top spin revolution & what happened between 71 & 79. Berczik, supposedly a 3 time Euro TT Champ with the heaviest inverted chop(backspin) but was put out of business by loopers but he turned it around to create the Hungarian trio (or were there a few other Hungarians almost as good but eclipsed by the trio of Klampar, Jonyer & Gergeley ?? ) who started winning in 1971 thru 1979. Given the fact that Bjorn Borg's father almost made the Swedish TT team as I hear, then it is not unlikely that Bjorn brought this super topspin to tennis in parallel to a parallel revolution of flat-hitting Jimmy Connor's (the Jiang or Zhaung of tennis) Wilson T2000 steel racket. Looks like these concepts crossed paths as the long winding strokes of Borg / Vilas / Jonyer etc have led to swift short loops of the likes Agassi (via Lendl) all these now using of course composite rackets now super lightweight titanium.

Anybody want to take a stab at technological forecasting with advances (retardation for Berndt & Scott & the likes) in material technology where these will all lead to ? What is next ? Auto-release Camel-cum / fluid filled hollow blades ?

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