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hey ppl i am listing two materials . please suggest which of these will be more suitable for making a tank by seamwelding to store boiling water

Mat 1:

Fe c 0.15% Mn 4-6% P 0.40% S 0.040% Si 3-4% Ni 4% Cr 15-18%

Mat 2: Fe C 0.08% Cr 17.5-20% Ni 8-11% Mn 2.0% Si 1.0% P 0.045% S 0.03%

Both of em are diffrnt varients of Stainless steel

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i would think that the one on the left would be best. what do you think? writing this way is so cute and small and cuddly, isn't it? :-)

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David Deuchar

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