Equivalent spec for S132 Steel

I'm looking for the american equivalent spec (AMS perhaps??) for S132 Nitrided steel. Anybody know what it is?

If not anyone know where I can find the material properties for this steel?

Thanks in advance!

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I work in the porduction of this alloy extensively and there is now American Spec for this grade that I know of. It is prodomanatly a European steel grade and the main national standard specs being the Brititsh BS 3S 132, BS

970 type 879M39 (EN40) and E-40CDV12 from the French AIR 9160C military spec or the yet fully published prEN 3971/3972. There are also many manufacture specific specs for Rolls-Royce, Snecma Group, Aerospaciale, etc.

Basic Properties are:

Carbon 0.35/0.43 Si 0.10/0.35 Mn 0.40/0.70 P 0.020max S 0.020max Cr 3.00/3.50 Mo 0.80/1.10 Ni 0.30max Cu 0.30max Sn 0.030max V 0.15/0.25

Mechanical Properties:

Based on heat treatment:

Harden 950 DegC 1-2hrs Oil Quench Temper 600/650DegC for >1hr Air Cool

0.2% PS UTS %Elong %RoA Impact (Izod)


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