ferroalloy production puzzle

Sir I need the active support for my Question. In case of
Aluminothermic production of ferrotitanium from ilmenite or rutile
Aluminium powder is added with lime and mill scale. in case of
commercial production purpose we can use stoichemetric ration of
Aluminium with ilmenite or rutile. But actual calculation reveals that
the amount of Al powder added to ilmenite in the reaction is in the
ratio of 100:38( ilmemite: Aluminium). Now for commercial case, the
price of Al powder is US$ 3.4 per kg and ilmenite is Us$153 per
1000kg.Plus add the cost of Mill scale, CaO and other Flux materials.
Now the minimum Market rate of FeTi(Ferrotitanium 35) is US$ 2.12 per
kg. Then how this production process is viable for ferrotitanium
commercially. Though a number of companies world wide is using this
I think I have made some mistakes anywhere in my calculation. Would You
please be kind enough to point out my fault. Plus if you have any
better idea regarding this matter please share with us. We would be
Highly Obliged.
Thanking every body .
Amitava dutta
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