High Strength bolts AMS 5726C

Does anyone know the specification part number for high strength bolts made from AMS 5726C material. I had found the spec and misplaced it. Now I can't seem to find any bolts made from that material. AMS 5726C is an A286 alloy with Su=200 ksi and Sy=180 ksi.

thanks in advance

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Ralph S
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Dear Ralph S:

You might ask these folks... URL:

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is one of their products that they advertise: "SF21 BOLT, TENSION, EXTERNAL WRENCHING, 200,000 PSI MINIMUM TENSIL STRENGTH, FOR CYROGENIC APPLICATIONS, (A-286 PER AMS 5726)"

I only find... "BSR/ASTM A962/A962M, Steel Specification for Common Requirements for Steel Fasteners or Fastener Materials, or Both, Intended for Use at Any Temperature from Cryogenic to the Creep Range (revision of ANSI/ASTM A962/A962M-01) Single copy price: $30.00" URL:

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David A. Smith

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