obtaining 60 Cr4 steel in norway

I am trying to get hold of 60 Cr4 steel in norway, but so far none of
the supplyers i contacted can deliver it.
Maybe it is known under a different "name" ?
And btw. what does the 60 number in front of Cr4 mean?
composition of 60 Cr4 steel
C: 0.56-0.64
Mn: 0.75-1.00
P máx: 0.035
S máx: 0.040
Si: 0.15-0.35
Cr: 0.70-0.90
Håken Hveem
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You should make yorself familiar with european standards for steel. A textbook should be sufficient.
Michael Dahms
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Michael Dahms
The steel you are referring to is to AISI 5160. In the UK it is to BS 970-2 1988 grade 525A58 or 525A60. I can try and find a supply from the UK if you like.
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I think i vill try to get hold of it here, but ive been told that werkstoff 1.8159 is almoust the same.
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I think it is 60CrMo4
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