refinishing fiber reinforced plastic (chairs)

I've been looking with no avail to find some information on refinishing FRP (fiber reinforced plastics). I have some designer chairs from the 60's that have sat in the sun way too long and the surface of the FRP has become dry, white and powdery, when you run your fingernail across the surface it scrapes a bit of it off.

I have no idea how to refinish this stuff. Does anyone have any bookmarks they can share with information related to this material?

My initial thought would be to sand them down and either spray with an enamel paint in my choice of color or automotive clearcoat to restore the original color. I'm just wondering if there are any other options?



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Lay down an epoxy or urethane clearcoat, spray if you can, roller if you must. Don't brush.-Jitney

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Originally it had a gel coat of polyester resin. That has weathered to give the effect that you mention. Restoration is probably best done with a paint that will key onto the original GRP.

There ought to be lots of books about GRP, if you look for glass-fibre reinforced plastics, or fibreglass reinforced plastics, or fiberglass reinforced plastics. Hand-lay-up moulding is another term you ought to know.

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Terry Harper

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