Hexagonal ferrites

Dear all,
Is there somebody experienced in ferrites?
I am searching for structural data concerning 'intermediate' hexagonal
Structural information for 6 principal structures (M, Y, W etc. as
they are initially named in late 1950's) is widely published and
available, however, there is a lack of data concerning hybrid
structures, such as M2 Y4 (stochiometry Ba10 Zn8 Fe72 O126), M2 Y8
(Ba18 Zn16 Fe120 O214) , TSTST (Ba6 Zn4 Fe32 O58), etc.
It turns out that despite of some of the older works covered such
systems, the structural information was not always published due to
unsatisfactory refinements or, possibly, other reasons.
If somebody aware of how to get (at least) list of atomic positions,
please, let me know.
I would also be satisfied with the samples themselves, as we are well
equipped for diffraction experiments.
In all cases, any advise concerning the matter would be truly
Yours Sincerely,
Ivan Orlov
Laboratoire de Cristallographie 1(LCr1)
Ecole Polytechnique F=E9d=E9rale de Lausanne (EPFL)
CH-1015 Lausanne=20
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