So there I am at 30K feet...

I reverted to one of my old habits last Saturday night. I was painting
some interior parts with Humbrol HD5. It was flowing nicely and I didn't
want to quit when I did the parts I needed.
I soon had more unassembled kits around me whilst I went to town
painting. When I finally called it quits and cleaned the brush I found I
had an F-105, F-102, a couple P-51s and around 6-7 B-25s partially painted.
This is how I have in the past gotten so many kits half started and
still unfinished. I wasn't going to let myself do that but the enjoyment
of relaxing and painting got ahead of me. I guess I'm a hedonist with a
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
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stroke, stroke, stroke!
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...maybe it's the fumes!
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I was the same way when I was a car modeller. It was addictive. Since reverting to my first love of planes, and brush painting, I do one at a time.
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