Very Scary Scare Last Night

So I got up to take a leak last night, and there's this mysterious red
dot at the base of my dining room window which overlooks a lake. Could
it be the laser from Wieber's sniper scope shining up from his SEAL
dinghy? Nope, just the charging LED on my motorcycle helmet intercom.
Whew! Close one.
Let that be a lesson to anyone who makes fun of the mighty and amazing
Wieber. You will have to live your life in fear... of him dying at his
keyboard while typing out lengthy descriptions of how he tracks down
and takes care of "terrorists."
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DIY frontal lobotomy.
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Just Got Paid
You mean that you DON'T have a laser?
Is this a first? Is Gunner admitting that he doesn't have something?
Like a decent job, or a house to live in, or money in the bank, or decent transportation, or a receipt for paying his taxes?
Danger! Danger! The world, as we know it, will end tomorrow!
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That's a lot of holes in your head. But it helps explain your uselessness.
Do you seriously expect anyone to believe your outrageous lies? Apparently it's your goal to make absolutely sure there isn't the slightest chance of ever finding a decent job. Or do you imagine there are employers offering decent jobs, but who are too stupid to google your name?
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Just Got Paid

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