PE examination in Materials Science

Hi: I am appearing in PE examination ( There is limited or no preparation materials available. TMS website has just 52 questions (not even a single test long). I am wondering if anyone has any materials/experience to share or any suggestion how to prepare for this examination. Any posting on this topic is greatly appreciated.

Thanks: Fractal

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First of all, the PE exam is in Metallurgical Engineering, which is a narrower topic than all of Materials Science.

The TMS web page at

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has a free abbreviated version of the study guide. There is a somewhat longer one that is free to members, or that can be purchased for $45 as a softcover booklet or Acrobat (.pdf ) download by nonmembers. The $25 for a student membership (that you should have gotten last year) would have more than paid for itself.

The study guide menu on the web page also has a list of suggested books under "PE Recommended Reading".

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