Adelaide Testing Machines

I was wondering if anybody had any experience with Adelaide Testing
Machines (ATM's). We have a TTS Series ATM
formatting link
and recently purchased the
FC-100 software, which is their load control software closely related
to their TC-100 software that was provided initially with the machine.
We installed the software and it seems to run correctly, however we
are having problems with some of its features. First of all, testing
waveform is setup to only run in tension, which does not work for our
application. Additionally, we ran some trial tension tests to see if
the load control was functioning properly, however there was not way
to save the data at the conclusion of the test. Obviously, these
problems limit us greatly when trying to perform our testing.
If anyone has any knowledge of the FC-100 or TC-100 software that
could possibly help us get past this problem it would be greatly
appreciated. Or if anyone knows of any other software available or
has tried to write their own software for an ATM machine we would love
your input.
Since it seems that there is very little information related to ATM
testing machines available we will post all responses that we receive
(here or otherwise) in a summary posting.
Thanks, Kevin Bell
Ferguson Laboratory
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Kevin Bell
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I hate to be a goof and ask the obvious, but did you call 1-800-665-8817 and ask them about it?
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Alan Kilian
Valid question. We have been contacting, or trying to contact, Patrick Sooley (ATM, 1-800-665-8817) frequently for the past 3-4 months since we received FC-100 from him. However, he continues to tell us he will get to it soon and then never follows through. Seeings how our project is long overdue we need to get the machine to work properly with or without his involvement and deal with Patrick (and his nonfuntional / DOS based software) appropriately.
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Kevin Bell

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