Scarring of the Lungs From Si Glass Microspheres

The MSDS says to avoid inhaling but they seem to pass right through
most filters. I'm guessing they scar the lungs with enough exposure.
How dangerous IS this stuff? Is a couple of sneezes worth of MS about
the same as a low tar cigarette?
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill
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This MSDS for water
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says that on contact with water, to "wash exposed area with soap and water".
The MSDS for isopropanol warns to avoid skin contact, yet it is sold as rubbing alcohol for disinfecting open wounds, and Sigma sells it in kosher grade.
MSDS's purposefully overstate the hazards of a chemical the company sells to avoid any potential legal action. Chances are, you are not using silica microspheres in large quantity (they are extremely expensive, you pay dearly for the nice even spheres). Unless you stick your nose in the bottle and inhale deeply, it's probably no worse than breathing in a city for a day. In spring you inhale many millions of small particles called pollen. Chill out.
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