TV show "1900 House" in England; bathing & hot water

I was turning channels and happened to catch this program in the middle
they were trying to live a 1900 style life and having problems with the
or coal stove getting enough hot water for a bath.
I could not resist this comment because most every person in the West of
Europe and NorthAmerica are rather ignorant of the *smallest incremental
. And that is why the lady in 1900 house was complaining. If she
known what the smallest incremental bath was, she would not have gotten
the engineers to redo the stove because she wanted a bath that was to
standards of 1990s and not to the standards of year 1900.
Smallest Incremental Bathe: I discovered this in my youth and it makes
What it requires is 2 gallons of hot water (not boiling) but rather hot.
And a
wood stove can furnish 2 gallons easily in a matter of 1 to 2 hours. The
has two buckets in it. And I know that in 1900 there was no plastic
Two buckets of about 2 gallons capacity each. So you have two buckets in
the bathtub and you fill them with about 1/3 to 1/2 room temperature
water and
the remaining is filled with the hot water coming from the wood stove.
One bucket is wash and the other is rinse. The bathtub serves mostly as
a place for the
water to flow out (or you can stop the water and collect it and use it
for watering
plants later.) So the bathe itself consists of stooping in the bathtub.
down and then soaping down with a minor rinse and all the wash water is
then you use the second bucket as a final rinse. Total amount of water
used is
4 gallons. If you really want to conserve then 3 gallons is very
The trouble with 1900 House as shown on TV is that modern day people
lost sight of what bathing in old times was really all about.
Example: I have a gallon wash pitcher and its huge bowl. England made
of these porcelain bowls and pitchers in the past because that is the
most people came home to wash their hands and face. Not in a filled sink
of water. And not a bathtub full of water for a bathe.
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