Valet Auto Strop Razor.. Strops

I bought a used (obviously) autostrop on ebay, total cost was $12.50.
Buffed, bleached, boiled, and bathed in hydrogen peroxide to kill
anything that might live on it.
First impressions:
What a remarkable peice of assembly! The whole razor is stainless
steel. The razors themselves are non-stainless and I had to work
pretty hard to get the rust and stains out. The machining is
excellent. There are two tiny gears that allow the razor to flop back
and forth. Two tiny rollers support the strop as it is inserted and
removed. This is a single blade razor, btw. It looks durable.
The bad news is that it didn't come with the leather strop. I was
wondering if any of you could offer a suggestion on fabricating my
own. I don't want a 30 year old peice of leather. I want a new one. I
also need that shtuff they use to grit up a strop. Whatsitcalled?
I tried to shave with it but the blade was just too dull. I tried 600
grit sand paper but it was useless.
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