water absorbant material question

Hi! I am over from re.bike.tech where exists a gizmo called a self
sealing tube filled with latex,water, and fiber to jam the puncture
solid. Between tire and tube is placed a smooth surfaced plastic liner
resisting incoming debris passing through the tire and a seal for
latex/water coming from the puncture,
The latex/water does not ?set up.' The air seal maintained by the
fluid film between liner and tube.
QUESTION IS there a substance available (around the house and shop)
compatible with the latex/water fluid that would ameliorate the
desired effect of keeping air in the tube? One could dust it on doing
a dual role of lubricating the tube as with the usually recommended
talc application or sprinkled on dual stick tape and applied to the
liner? possibly setting up in a jello like substance?
Bentonite was the first that came to mind here then arrowroot,
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Not sure... but how about cutting open a diaper (unused!) and try the super absorber in that?
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