Ident for a 1 cyl diesel water pump

I need some help looking for info on a 1 cyl horizontal diesel irrigation
pump. I became the proud owner of this critter at a fund-raising today. It
cost me all of 25 bucks. It starts, runs, etc. I don't know if it will pump
water though, there wasn't any water around to try it out on.
All the tags are unreadable, except I can make out what looks like:
--Chinese characters at the bottom of the tag;
--CNC or CRC maybe at the top of the tag;
--A friend said it looked like a LISTER clone to him;
--The pump and motor are in a tube frame with 4 flip-up carry handles;
--the pump and motor are not direct coupled the is a multi-splined coupling
about 2" dia on the shafts which total somewhere around a foot long.
--It has electric and crank start;
--The tank is on top and blue;
--there is a chromed air-filter;
--the motor looks to be about 100-150cc maybe, just a guessing by the size
of my Honda 90 trail bike;
I was thinking of maybe converting it to veggie-oil or at least making it
some sort of WVO / Bio-fuel & Diesel dual fuel set-up.
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Maybe the people at this site could help:
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Or, check with this fellow who sells Chinese and Indian Diesels on eBay.
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Orrin Iseminger
I'll have some pics available sometime soon on my Yahoo Photos page.
I have some other info I was able get when I scraped off the ID tag:
CMC, R170F, 2600 rpm 4 hp, Danyang or maybe Danjang something, Peoples Republic of China, then a bunch of Chinese characters
Thanks, Byrd
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