Slightly OT: Case 580C Backhoe fuel tank/water sump replacement

Hi all, and apologies for a slightly OT post - but there's been traffic here about backhoes before and there probably will be again.

Our Case 580C backhoe has developed a pinhole leak in the water sump - it's a low spot built into the fuel tank to allow water to pool and not get sucked into the fuel pump/injectors.

Ours has developed a pinhole leak - and I was wondering if anyone has experience with removing the water sump or knows if is it a molded- or formed- in part of the fuel tank assembly. It looks like it should be removable, but it's in a really awkward spot and I'd like to have positive knowledge that it screws out before reefing on it and finding out otherwise.

I'm currently draining the diesel out of the tank and going to attack it tomorrow - maybe.

The manual does not mention replacing the water sump, but the instructions for removing the fuel tank involve first removing the engine, so if I can fix it in-place it would be really nice.

Thanks in advance for any information or advice -


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Carla Fong
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They have some epoxy sticks just for fuel tanks. Only one I used lasted for at least 10 years on a bad seam joint. Was gasoline, but there is probably a diesel one also.

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Calif Bill

There are two part epoxy sticks for sealing gas tank leaks. Clean up the leak area with some sort of solvent like acetone, a vaccum applied to the tank (drained) via vacuum cleaner will stop the seeping. Slap on that epoxy after roughing up surface and see if that does the job for you.


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