Help ID weird 1:87 diesel drive


While going through a bunch of train show-purchased diesel parts, I found some parts to a very weird unit. It's conventional in concept; a central motor driving swiveling trucks with integral gear boxes through two universal shafts, but the motor is exceedingly weird; it looks like a Mantua MU-2 with an open-ended plastic base, and longish U-joint cups fixed where the worms would be. The trucks, of which I've got one, are Alco, and look similar to the die work on the 8- wheel-drive Model Power RS2. The frame seems to have been plastic; at least the swiveling crossmember attached to the truck (which is all that I have of a frame) is made of plastic.

Has anybody ever seen a MU-2 used in this way? It doesn't look like a custom job.

Cordially yours: Gerard P. President, a box of track and some grids.

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