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Just testing to see if my posts show up on this group. We changed computers this month and some defaults may not have been set.
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I like the building. I could definitely picture this somewhere in many older cities, and you have done a great job on the scratchbuilding. Actually, I prefer the look of your "decaying yet not neglected area of town" to what somebody here called the Stalingrad 1942 look.
I especially think the bench, trash cans, fire alarm, lamp, and mail box, as well as the patched street, add a lot to your scene. I really like the sign on the pole and 'flattened cartons' in the gutter. Since the street sweeper hasn't gone by with his broom lately (hence the cartons) how about a bit of small trash - leaves, paper wads, weeds, newspapers- to dress the gutter up a bit further?
And of course a bunch of little shoe or small business-related ads would dress up the windows very well, as would the usual "Get Longer Wear through SHOE REPAIR" signs that seem to be such a fixture of these places.
The gap between building and walk is somewhat distracting, but judging from the other pictures the building's not quite 'fixed in place' yet. The fillet radius between the curb and road would probably look a bit better as a sharp corner, and a storm-sewer drain near the corner would look very nice. Not sure how to make one - plastic diesel shell grilles?
I shouldn't pick at things like that, though. It's a really nice scene; neither overly pristine nor overly ruinous.
Cordially yours: Gerard P. President, a box of track and some grids.
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