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Do any of you have FSM models for sale. I am specifically looking for unfinished models in their original boxes. I have a lot of time on my hands and would like to build some of them.

Please let me know.


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Chuck Norman
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Go look at eBay. The kits are there quite a lot. Keep oxygen handy when you get to the price.

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Someone already mentioned eBay. That will work. You can also check a couple of the speculators/brokers such as:

fsmkits.com jaystrains.com

I'm sure there are others.

Same comments about price apply -- these guys are in it to make money.

There are many makers of nice craftsman kits, now. Is your heart set on FSM or might you consider some other (more available and therefore affordable) brands?


Chuck Norman wrote:

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When this post appeared, I had just received an empty kit box from an e-bay purchase that only included the color picture and instructions. This is one way to save a buck if you like scratch building. This has proven to be a real chore, but the first building from the Houligan's Alley kit is finished. See it at;

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Arizona Rock & Mineral Co.

FSM prices are extremely high (I have seen 200-400 on ebay). Maybe you have some brass to trade.

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Jon Miller

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