Air to water heat transfer unit

I have been searching the web and having a difficult time finding a unit to
cool process water with forced air thru a heat exchanger. I am finding
plenty of heat exchangers but not a complete unit with fans, controls ect.
My guess is that I am not using the right keywords in my google searches. I
am not looking for a chiller that uses refrigeration. I have been told that
fan cooled units are available to cool process water from 170°F to close to
ambient relying solely on forced air thru a heat exchanger. The capacity
required is about 3 Tons. If any one can point me in the right direction
with an appropriate name for such a unit or a manufacturer I would
appreciate it. Any other comment relating to the effectiveness of such units
would also be appreciated.
Dave Miller
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Try a search for cooling tower.
I went through a similar search a few months ago and forget the names of the companies. I'm at home or I'd look up my notes. For some reason I recall the terms Marley and Baltimore Aircoil.
Generally, the small units are designed to work with water spray, but controls can be added that will turn off the water if the load is small enough.
Lance *****
"D.Miller" wrote...
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Lance Hill
Go to
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and look in the "Designers Guide" under Heat exchangers. These are primarily for air and hydraulic applications but most of the companies make them for other uses. Young is one I have used and talked with in the past.
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Bud Trinkel
Dear D.Miller:
Lance Hill had a good suggestion. Do water-to-water exchange with a heat exchanger (plate-frame, I guess) then a cooling tower to take off the heat from your intermediate fluid.
AltaVista Advanced search with: "heat exchanger" and (air near water) and (fan or blower) provides 9620 hits, with some good ones on page 1.
Good luck.
David A. Smith
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I know this isn't quite what you wanted but it's close. This is a Grainger catalog page. I think the mfr (Thermal Transfer) shown there has water/air uints
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Bob K 207
Check the Legionella control regulations before you go that route. A search on "water cooling" bought this site. Others may be there as well.
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John Manders
Dear John Manders:
A cooling tower will always require proper chemistry, both to minimize operating cost, and to minimize biogrowth. All modern installations are set up to do both. Whether anyone maintains those functions is another thing. Ozone is even being used for the oxidizer, which tickles me pink...
David A. Smith
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It looks like you may be searching "Air to Water" (the title of your post). Try searching "Water to Air"
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Bill Sc
BAC ( Baltimore Aircoil) make evaporative condensers for industrial refrigeration . They have coils which are designed to condense ammonia or freons by spraying them with water. Simply pump whatever liquid you want cooler through the coils and it will bring it to within a few degrees of ambient wet bulb temperature. The external spray water will have to be treated with anti corrosion treatments and with biocides to prevent corrosion and comply with health regulations. Contact BAC and they will help you with the sizing calculations. There are other manufacturers of evaporative condensers, but I can't think of them at the moment.
Regards Tom Miller
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Tom Miller
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