Anyone used NASA software to design compressors...?

Hi there! I'm working on a "simple" hobby project that needs a small custom centrifugal compressor, and was evaluating using the freely available (at least to US Citizens) NASA software:

- CCD/QUIK (design using performance/sizing requirements)

- CCODP (to evaluate the performance of the QUIK design output)

- CCGEOM (to generate the blade/hub/shroud geometry in PLOT3D format for import into a CAD/CAM package).

So far I have had little luck in "chaining" the data between applications... I can get sample and test jobs to run under each application, but can't seem to get the output from one loaded into the next - in spite of the fact that the manuals all say it is possible. I also can't seem to get the CCGEOM app to output ANY PLOT3D files as listed in the manual.

Has anyone tried using this software suite, or know the proper sequence/editing/post-processing required to get data from one to the next? It looks like an inexpensive and promising solution for a hobbyist to develop small compressors with, but I've got to get it working first...

Thanks in advance!


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This reminds me of the Scrap Yard constructors program (forget its real name) intended to float a fire boat across a lake and douse a fire. The team with the centrifugal compressor idea I really liked, took a drum brake hub, welded three or four radial tabs on it, and added a cover, with inlet and outlet pipes. Crude but effective.

Brian Whatcott Altus OK

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Brian Whatcott

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