Software to design 3D-Ground like in Trainz


Who knows a Software to design 3D-Ground somehow like in Trainz? (wysiwyg, you design in 3D)

I found out that Motocross Madness 2 has an Editor too. The Ground cannot be designed in 3D but could be imported. (Output 3D as Greyscale and import it there).

Thanks for any Idea!

Bruno Rotondi

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Bruno Rotondi
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I think you'd have to invest in game-design software. There is some around, but it costs loadsadough. It also has a steep learning curve, since it consist basically of software design tools. In any case, a question on a gamers' newsgroup should produce at least a pointer in the right direction. You might also look for drawing/painting programs that include "fractal graphics" capability (computer generated landscapes are all based on fractal geometry.)

Good hunting!


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