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I got a contractor to erect a facility with some duct work. The pipes have been delivered and, after taking measures on how they are placed at the site, for every pipe there has to be one or two of the parts to be cut to length and a flange welded on again.

Now my contractor tells me, such is extra work as he expected all pipes to fit perfectly, while my point is that it's impossible to fit

20' long pipes with some knees in it so accurate that no cutting/welding is necessary. So he should have expected such work and also have priced it in in his contract. I have the feeling, he wants to try for every extra nickle and dime he can get from me.

Who is right? The contract itself states only "installation delivered of pipes" with a drawing and lengths.


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Based on what you have written, it sounds like you did not buy the cutting down of the lengths to fit. Somewhere, you should have had in your contract that the intent was the completed system, ready to be used for its intended purpose and that a site visit was required. Copies of other trade drawing could also give the contractor a clue about what to expect in the field.


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