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How about mechanical replacement limbs (arm, leg) or particular joints (finger joint, etc), powered electrically, chemically, or thermally directly by the body or maybe some other other bio-source.
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When you say process do you mean the type of process you would use for materials such as heat treat, chem etching, forming, machining, etc? Or, do you mean the process used to actually design something, such as evaluate the customer requirements, flow the requirements to a design group for detail design? Or, do you mean when you actually do the design of a part, where you size, analyze for performance, do a concept design, maybe a prototype, and a then a lessons learned for an final design? "We have staked the entire future of the American civilization not upon the power of government, but upon the capacity of Americans to govern themselves, control themselves, and sustain themselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." James Madison
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