Genetic Algorithms-Engineering

Engineering applications of Genetic Algorithms give amazed and unexpected results.

You may see new solutions and results for Structural Mechanics, Neural Networks, Irrigation, Water Supply, Theory of Elasticity with description of models and examples for real tasks with demo versions of programs for download on our site ?Genetic Algorithms In Engineering?

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Structural Mechanics: A genetic algorithm approach is used to generate 3D and 2D structures and to optimize space and plane frames so as to minimize the weight or price of the structure with anaglyph stereo view of results.

Finite Element method is used with finite deflections of hinges and stability analysis of the whole structure.

Shape of frame, number and position of hinges are defined during evolution.

Program FrameGA 3D has special features:

- special loads - self-weight, wind and wave (important for derricks and offshore platforms) ;

- optimal position ? during optimization process optimal position of desired loads and supports by desired directions is searched;

- forbidden zones - points of working space forbidden for bars and hinges;

- load combinations - multiple load cases;

- Bi-material ? compressed and zero bars are made of material #1, tensile bars are made of material #2 (yet it may be possible to divide bars by material in different way: by position in the space for example).

Neural Networks: Design and train Neural Networks (NN) with Genetic Algorithms (GA).

Optimal Design of Material Objects: find optimal solution for multiobjective problem on base of NN with GA and on the base of micro-GA for a very small population of material objects with experimental results for every generation - direct measurements in the real world are used.

Tools to search for new materials and technological processes on base of laboratory measurements in evolutionary process.

Irrigation Pumping Stations: A genetic algorithm approach is used for the optimal design and operation of irrigation pumping stations that result in minimum design and operating cost. Demo version of program WAPIRRA is available for download.

Water Supply Pumps Schedule: optimization of a pump scheduling system so as to minimize the cost of pumping. Each pump may have its own characteristics.

Theory of Elasticity: Pumps in oil and gas industries for turbo drill driving. Initial optimum configuration of a piston cup for long life operation.

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