good simple sketching program

I do stress analysis work, and we're always on the lookout for a simple,
decent sketching program to do free body diagrams and the like. We pull a
lot of images off our electronic drawings (pdf files) and being able to add
simple fiugres to these would be a great help.
Anybody have ideas?
Right now, I use Paint (not good enough) and Canvas (which is too much, I
think....certainly too expensive for the company to furnish all of our
analysts with it)
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Howard Carter
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to d/l Paint.NET v 3.0 alpha (from Microsoft)
i just learned of this, installed it, havent had a chance to use it.
ms wrote:
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Bad idea. I tried to use it today to draw a diagram of an ozone molecule, and it lagged so much. I have heard incredible things about Canvas, but I'm using Inkscape for the moment. It's an X11 program, so I think it'll run on most *NIX systems, although I found it on a Mac software site. Oh yeah, it's open source.
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Avi Schwartz
Have you tried the drawing portion of MSWord? Right click on the top bar and check Drawing on the menu. I put the menus at the bottom of the screen for conveniance.
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We do all our analysis work in MathCAD. Some of us use Word, but it just seems a little too simple.
Maybe we're looking for too much....something simple that still is set up for simple technical drawings.
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Howard Carter

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