finite element software

I'm looking for an inexpensive finite element software package to do
mostly simple stress analysis.
I would like to have a program that could import a solid model, either
from proe or solidworks, and do the anaylsis on that model. solidworks
has a built in FEA package called Cosmos, that comes with the standard
package but is very limited. I don't want to pay the cost for a full
version of cosmos. Anybody know of a software package available or any
other package that may be useful.
I did see a package called Lisa that looked pretty good but no solid
model import feature that I could find. If the FEA software has a
decent modeling interface, themn perhaps that would be ok.
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If you are the student in university now, maybe you can apply for the university version of some FEM analysis bussiness software, some companies can supply the free-charge of such version or with the limited DOF number. You can try to search it by google.
Good luck!
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I know there's a student version of ANSYS available for ~$200. That should do almost everything except the really exotic stuff. There's also an open source version of NASTRAN...I think George Tech is the caretaker. That should be free.
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