Human-centered design Innovation Fellowship

Hi all,
My name is Yi and I'm working for an NGO in Cambodia called
International Development Enterprises (iDE). iDE is currently
developing a human-centered design innovation lab, we=92re in the
process of recruiting members of the HCD innovation team. We have 2
really neat fellowship positions. The first is for a mechanical
engineer/designer. (One more to come in another week for a social
scientist.) The summary is below, including the link to more
The job calls for several years of experience, but even if the job
isn't for you, I thought you guys might know friends/colleagues who
might be interested. I'd be grateful if you could circulate this to
the those networks and others whom you think would be interested in
the opportunity. The applications are due in 3.5 weeks, and the
fellowship will cover pretty much all costs, including a very
comfortable living stipend.
Thanks much!
FELLOWSHIP: Human-Centered Design Innovation Lab Fellow
Interested in designing extremely affordable innovations to tackle
problems that are of life-and-death importance?
We are building the first Human-Centered Design Innovation Lab in
Cambodia. And we need you to help us launch it. IDE is looking for a
design-thinker, with 2-4 years experience in mechanical engineering
and product development. You will be the lead mechanical engineer on a
multi-disciplinary team, based in Phnom Penh for a 1-year Fellowship.
This is an opportunity to work on real-world problems alongside a
close-knit, international, top-calibre team. You=92ll wear many hats,
including that of a coach, to grow HCD in Cambodia. You will have a
rich experience that will touch the lives of those who most need life-
changing opportunities. And at the end of the year, if we see a mutual
fit, you=92ll be offered an opportunity to stay on as full-time Leader
at the innovation-Lab.
For full details, including how to apply, please download the position
description at
formatting link

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