hydraulic jack squeal

Hello, I have a hydraulic floor jack made by Cornwell Tools. The jack
was new when the lift pad had slipped off a jack point when the car
slammed down on the lift pad. Ever since then the jack squeals whenever
under a load, although the jack does squeal slightly if pumped rapidly.
What could I have damaged?
Thanks in advance.
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My first guess would be the ram bent/distorted a little under the excess load - so now it grabs the ram seal - which should shorten its useful life, somewhat?
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Brian Whatcott
I was reading a post on the Internet about testing if the noise is coming from seals. Is it true the seal can be removed to determine if the seal is the cause? It does sound like it's coming from the back of the cylinder (where the jack has two pumps). I don't know hydraulics well enough to say what would fail first, though.
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Dear Mike,
The squeal is an echo through time from the poor bastard trapped under a vehicle by this now defective jack.
David A. Smith
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So how can I go back in time and tell that bastard to STFU? Seriously, nobody was under the jack. Only a fool would be under a jacked car w/o jack stands.
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