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It is getting to be very costly to truck our parts and subassemblies out of town for epoxy powdercoating, and installing a powdercoat line of our own is out of the question. Over the years we have air sprayed a lot of thinner based enamel, but for the project in question we wish a higher degree of abrasion resistance. Would anyone be familiar with a finish that can be air sprayed onto cold finished structural steel that would have a higher degree of abrasion resistance and weatherability than thinner based enamel? All ideas, suggestions, and comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, K.

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I would think an epoxy based paint such as Imron would be better than enamel. ________________________________________________________ Ed Ruf Lifetime AMA# 344007 (

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Ed Ruf

Ed Ruf wrote in news:

Imron is nasty stuff though.

There are several other types of epoxy paint which are a bit friendlier to use.

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Dear K:

Air applied (necessarily thin) and abrasion resistance (high-self- and surface-adherance) are almost at odds with one another. There are a number of brands of epoxy paint that have stainless steel powder as a filler. You may have luck with one of those.

David A. Smith

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