Miami Herald Needs To Hire A Science Writer

Apparently the "experts" cited in
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got the ultimate yield strength Ni Cr super alloy dropping off rapidly
at 1800 F confused with the adiabatic flame temperature of jet fuel.
1. Inlet temperatures of ALL gas turbine engines are kept well below
adiabatic flame temperature of the fuel with excess air.
2. Film cooling keeps the turbine blades well below the inlet
3. Structural steels wilt at temperatures well below those of the
super alloys in jet engines.
4. What am I saying? Forget the above. What fuel did the ancients
use to make steel swords?
The _New York Times_ is the only daily in the country that has hired
real science writers.
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill
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Or at the very least a science editor :)
Bret Cahill wrote:
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They also assume the steel has no strength reduction until it melts at 2800 F. The structure simply wasn't designed for that much heat.
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Jeff Finlayson

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