statistics / SPC textbook referral question

Hi all, I posted a while ago about an exciting job interview, and got some great feedback re. interview techniques, etc....long story (and LOOOONG
interview- 5 hours of technical questions!) short, I got the job and am now a happy R&D engineer at a global company working on state of the art printing solutions development. So far, (1.5 months) I'm happy as a pig in mud- the people are great, and we do what I consider fascinating stuff. Thanks for the feedback!
Here's my question- I am getting ownership of a part of a process that is still in prototype and needs to move into eventual production. The engineering challenges are fun, challenging, and stretch my skill set but I have a comfort level with those tasks.
However, I also have to do a lot of statistical process control stuff, and my skills are not great in that area. It's not difficult, per se, and I'm picking up a lot from co-workers and previous projects, and I do know some stuff, but a general text would be useful.
I looked on Ebay, and there's a ton of statistics books- I'm looking for a text that addresses these issues: statistical process controls, control and spec limits, sigma tools, optimization of process and flow of product, confidence intervals, null and alternate hypothesis testing stuff, and probably things I'm not thinking of now. oh yeah- P and NP charts, error and standard deviation(meaning and calculation), t-testing, chi-squared tests, etc, etc.
If anyone has a favorite that's fairly readable with problems, examples, and explanations (not simplisitic, but i'm not looking to become a statistician either), can you drop me a few titles?
thanks, karinne
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