Strain dependence on temperature/pressure.

Good day.
I have a strain sensor and need to correct for temperature and pressure but
have no idea where to start.
The sensor manufacturer gives no characteristic response curves for the
device and all that I have at my disposal are a variety of readings of the
sensor at various temperatures and pressures.
How would I go about calculating the formula relating these parameters given
only a table of values?
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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John Doehead
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Very simply, without knowing your application or "strain sensor" type this is hard to answer. I guess I would assume this is an electrical resistance strain gage. In this case, temperature compensating gages can be purchased that have varing degrees of effectiveness or a "dummy gage" can be used for compensation. The circuits should be widely availible. Pressure should have a significantly smaller impact on the gage function. I have never dealt with compensation. I am very suprised the manufacturer is not of more help. I mechanical testing textbook should be a good reference. I use "Experimental Stress Analysis" by Daily and Riley. Hope this gives you some direction.
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