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Hello Everyone:
Additive fabrication processes typically known as Rapid Prototyping
(RP), Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF), or by the names of the
technologies themselves such as stereolithography, have become important
tools for mechanical design, manufacturing, surgery, art and
architecture and many other fields.
We've just completed updating and enlarging several major sections of
the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web-site.
* The sections on Direct Manufacturing and Rapid Tooling, and the RP
Industry Overview have been updated, and our RPML Archive now has nearly
23,000 pages of material. More than eight years of RPML postings are
available for downloading.
Major additions have been made to Mom (The Mother of All RP
Bibliographies). Nearly 900 citations have been added. There are now
references to approximately 5,700 academic, business and trade
publication articles covering every facet of the technology and industry
in the bibliography. This is the largest single source of RP
information in the world.
* The Abstracts of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Proceedings for 2003
are included in this update. More than 850 papers in the Proceedings
from 1990 through 2003, trace the development of many rapid prototyping
technologies from inception through commercialization. The Proceedings
are the permanent record of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium
held annually at the University of Texas at Austin. Thanks to Dr. David
Bourell and Ms. Rosalie Foster for making the materials available.
If you're tempted to think that RP is standing still, here's a simple
way to convince yourself otherwise: We've published a sampler of titles
of this recently added materials arranged by categories. Entries were
selected to give you some idea of the breadth of applications the
technology is currently addressing. See the sampler here:
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* Highlights of the latest edition of the RP Patent Alert Newsletter are
now available. An impressive total of 136 RP patents and applications
were published from 12/9/03 to 3/9/04. Among the many developments, you
can learn about:
-- A potentially important RP technology based on a plasma torch.
-- Fabricating glass fiber transmission cables, interconnections and
connectors using RP.
-- Direct fabrication of parts for aerospace uses.
-- Complete products made by additive fabrication, including fuel cells
and MEMS disk drives.
The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping
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