what is exact chemical composition of diesel oil?

I have find for a long time. But there is no precise data. How can I find it? Please help~masters~

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Ther is no exact chemical composition for diesel fuel, gasoline or most jet fuel, as they are made from complex petroleum stocks which vary. In fact if you look at mi-spec jet fuel specs, exact composition is not specified. Working properties are, volatility, flash point, etc. The one special case I am aware of is JP-10, but it is a single molecule. Diesel, gasoline and most other jet fuels are not.

You might do a search via a research library for work regarding the chemical kinetics of diesel and development of reduced reaction sets to enable combustion modeling with it.

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Ed Ruf

There IS no precise composition for diesel, gasoline, etc.

Crude oil consists of many, many different hydrocarbons with varying numbers of carbon and hydrogen atoms; some straight chain, some branched chain, and some ring structures.

The various cuts such as gasoline, diesel, etc. are the fractions that distill off over certain temperature ranges, so gasoline is made up (on the average) of shorter chains with lower molecular weights and lower boiling points than is diesel.

Most of the molecules in #2 diesel fuel have between

10 and 22 carbon atoms per molecule.

The question is: What exactly do you need this for? If you were, for example, calculating the composition of the combustion products, often people use an average molecular composition for these calculations.

I tried Googling "diesel composition" and I immediately found some useful information. (Did you try Google? Or looking this up in a book?)


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